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Herbs and Minerals

Work With Me

In Naturopathic Medicine, we find and treat the root cause.

Ways to Work With Me

Addressing the following hormonal struggles:
You are ready to get off the birth control pill, recurring yeast or urinary infections, lumpy
breasts, heavy periods, irregular periods, PCOS, low libido, hot flashes

Experience emotional ups and downs:
You are exhausted, easily overwhelmed, going through a major life transition, crying for
no reason, swinging from highs to lows, annoyed by everything, wake up at 3am
and can’t go back to sleep

Have gut concerns:
You have a bad reaction to food but not sure to what, gurgling, bloating like you’re
pregnant, smelly gas, burping, mudslide or working on your bowel movement all
day, bleeding when you wipe

 Are prone to unhealthy skin:
You have breakouts that are related to your cycle or for no reason, itchy or dry skin rashes

Have changes to body composition:
You battle the same 10 lbs every year, can’t lose weight even if you do intermittent
fasting, feel puffy

Functional Testing:
Your symptoms can tell a lot about what’s imbalanced in your body, but sometimes we need to assess further. Some common functional tests we may consider include the DUTCH Hormone Test, Food Sensitivity Test, Candida Antibody Test and the SIBO Breath Test.

Not sure if you’re ready?

Book your complimentary Discovery Call with Dr. Aisha. This Discovery Call is a 15-minute video consultation that will address how naturopathic medicine can help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

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